Impel Overview
Sales Force Automation
Tally.ERP 9 Integration
Running a business beyond a sales force Overview of Sales Force Automation Data synchronization between Impel and Tally
5:26 mins  7:02 mins  7:47 mins
Email Integration
Lead Assignment
Territory Management
Email integration - effective and comprehensive Lead Management all the way through conversions Territory management in Impel - geographical, named, etc.
1:39 mins 0:50 mins  1:53 mins 
Sales Activity Planner
SFA for salespeople
Impel for Sales Managers
Overview of Impel's cool productivity feature - Sales Activity Planner Making your sales team effective with leads, deals and contacts in one system Check how a Sales Manager can keep track of his entire team, wherever they are
5:25 mins 7:59 mins  8:57 mins 
SMS functions
Lead Management
Field Reporting
Check how the humble SMS can transform your business See how effective Impel's Lead Management is for your business See how Impel's Field Reporting gets you a complete picture on sales and inventory
3:58 mins  6:20 mins  2:37 mins 
E-commerce Order Mgmt
Lead Management
Opportunity Management
Impel's integrated Order Management See how you can bring in Leads from anywhere and maintain them in Impel A detailed video about how Opportunities and Stages work
1:26 mins  4:02 mins  8:41 mins
The major Objects in Impel
Territory Management
See how Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and Activities are related Territories are fundamental to Impel  
2:35 mins  5:46 mins  
Creating Users and Territories
Generating Custom Reports
Configuring the Email Client
This video shows you how to create users and assign specific territories. This video shows you how to generate custom reports in Impel This video show you how to configure your Impel Email client.
7:46 mins  4:44 mins  2:41 mins 
Reporting Tickets in Impel
Creating Data Views
Adding custom fields in Impel
This video illustrates how you can report a problem as a ticket in Impel. This video shows you how to create Data Views in Impel This video illustrates how you can add custom fields.
0:53 mins  6:06 mins  1:59 mins 
List Navigations in Impel
Setting Page Layouts
Personalizing Default Menu and Logo
This video illustrates the list navigational paradigm in Impel CRM Simple tutorial video on how to configure page layouts in Impel This tutorial video briefs on personalizing the default menus, organizational logo and themes in Impel CRM.
3:32 mins  1:36 mins  2:17 mins 
Personalizing Impel CRM
CSV File Upload
Overall Navigation in Impel
Impel provides a high degree of configurable interface to personalize your CRM system. Simple tutorial video on how to upload a CSV file into the Impel CRM system An overview of the Impel CRM navigation paradigm.
6:20 mins  5:27 mins  3:13 mins 
Configuring Impel
E-commerce Order Management Tutorial
New Feature Release, September 2011
See how you can configure Impel to fit your business. Simple tutorial video on the feature functionality of the E-commerce Order Management. Latest User Interface Releases, Sep 2011
4:28 mins 2:55 mins  3:25 mins